The Limitations of TED

Ted for all its wonderful showcasing of intelligent ideas, theoretical posturing by academic speakers selling their books, and the sharing of stories and theories which purport to create a better place for us to live, its failure to generate or create long term change or behavioural evolution will be a lasting legacy. An archive of what ifs. …Or is it a little too early to tell. Fundamentally people need to simplify the world in order to understand it. Our capacity

The Importance of Silence

To create is to move with small steps, to sometimes be still, observe, empathise and then act. We have to remember that a lot of meaningful interactions are non-verbal and to allow for that. But above all, we need to engage authentically. Silence appears between noise, which is becoming harder and harder to find. Contemplation and clear thoughts lead to real innovation and change, and it is this which should be our greatest goal.


The greatest of all qualities to creativity, and the force that can seize you by chance. The random discovery of a book, a path, a film or a restaurant through the process of meandering and happenstance. This is now becoming an elusive part of the creative process as our interactions with the world are monitored, screened to, manipulated and manufactured. Everything is a ‘strategy’.

Audience Shapes & Flocking Behaviour

The evolution away from traditional demographic analysis is well and truly being rewritten. Audience shapes are defining groups into categories which are characterised by their attention to detail, the ability to stay focused on a subject for any length of time, or their loyalty to an entity.


The notion of the ‘Big Idea’ fills me with an equal amount of dread and interest. It is somehow alluding to the belief that “Big Ideas’, can actually produce positive change. It carries the misleading assumption of our time- that large projects and initiatives can actually ‘Change the World’. It all sounds fabulous and feels good but the reality is that few people want to make the essential changes, and its an awful lot of pressure to change personally and