The Limitations of TED

Ted for all its wonderful showcasing of intelligent ideas, theoretical posturing by academic speakers selling their books, and the sharing of stories and theories which purport to create a better place for us to live, its failure to generate or create long term change or behavioural evolution will be a lasting legacy. An archive of what ifs.

…Or is it a little too early to tell. Fundamentally people need to simplify the world in order to understand it. Our capacity for that hasn’t changed. So when you encounter art and writing, for instance, which unravels and strips back, and looks at the world in a raw way, it doesn’t suddenly just fit into a nice package, it reveals contradictions, and its complexity, it’s frustratingly elusive. We all know that to just talk about ‘world changing ideas’ does not necessarily lead to change. Enablers and facilitators are key, but with the holy mountain that is Silicon Valley and the ‘venture capitalist’ generation, we have witnessed failure to support more worthy initiatives.