Audience Shapes & Flocking Behaviour

The evolution away from traditional demographic analysis is well and truly being rewritten. Audience shapes are defining groups into categories which are characterised by their attention to detail, the ability to stay focused on a subject for any length of time, or their loyalty to an entity.
We also have flocking behaviour, which is a mapping of the migratory nature of the modern audience, subject to distraction, trends and peer following and its general influence on loyalty.
This makes the modern target a loose cannon at best and just as likely to be forming relationships to brands and experiences outside their cultural or social makeup. The reliance of grouping people into age group and socio-economic clusters, is only a small part of the modern picture. So strategists are faced with the dilemma of fractured groups, and groupings more similar to tribal gangs with instincts like predators chasing the next you-tube fix.