The notion of the ‘Big Idea’ fills me with an equal amount of dread and interest. It is somehow alluding to the belief that “Big Ideas’, can actually produce positive change. It carries the misleading assumption of our time- that large projects and initiatives can actually ‘Change the World’.

It all sounds fabulous and feels good but the reality is that few people want to make the essential changes, and its an awful lot of pressure to change personally and as a society generally. Especially when we are dealing with significant social, environmental and political dilemmas. And the difficult thing is that we are all so very comfortable.

So my ‘Big idea’ is that small breathes, small steps and tiny incremental change, eventually changes behaviour. It’s ‘Small ideas’ that count. We have been seduced like children offered unlimited lollies to embrace an era of entrepreneurs & following charlatans, and more dangerously, a systems closing in to consolidate the familiar status quo. Everything is changing but all things are still in their place. Here is an offer of a series of 15 observations that are shaping the way we are and act, and impacting us in ways we may not be aware. A gentle cautionary tale.